Our top tips to buying new Carpets

A new carpet or floor is not something we tend to do very often, but when the time comes, whether it is building a new house, adding an extension or just simply giving a room a new look, it can be quite daunting to know what to choose so here is our top tips for buying a new Carpet.

The Room – Is it a carpet for a Bedroom? A living Room? A Hallway? Each room has a different wear and footfall in the house, for example a bedroom will take far less wear than your hall or stair carpet.

Your Colour Scheme – Is your house full of grey? Maybe a bright carpet would add a pop of colour to the room? Do you have any future plans for the room, for example do you plan on putting up a new wallpaper next year or turning the spare bedroom into an office?

Plain or Patterned – There is so much choice when it comes to carpets, a plain carpet allows more flexibility for interior design within the room, but a patterned carpet, be it stripes or a floral design, can add its own unique design to a room.

Visit a Carpet Retailer – Sometimes you need to see a product with your own eyes before buying it. This is especially important when it comes to carpet as an image online may be slightly discoloured depending on your computer screen. By calling instore you can see the carpet and get the feel of it before committing to buying.

Bring home some samples – Once you have narrowed down the colour and type of carpet you like, we offer the option to bring home samples to try out in the lighting conditions in your own home. Quite often customers like a particular carpet instore only to bring it home and find it is quite dark in their home light.

Choose an Underlay – Underlay helps a carpet to sit properly and wear evenly making sure it lasts as long as possible. Different types of underlay can improve the way the carpet feels when you walk on it and increase the heat and sound insulation within your home. IF you are considering underfloor heating beneath your carpet, an underlay will be crucial as the tog rating of the carpet and underlay combined needs to be low enough to allow the heating to work as effectively as possible.

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